Emmanuel Stoobant’s First Chinese Restaurant, Blue Lotus at Quayside Isle

Contemporary Chinese dining may be all the rage, but Blue Lotus offers traditional Cantonese dining eats in romantic alfresco settings. The first Chinese restaurant of Belgian born Chef Emmanuel Stroobant, Blue Lotus aims to be a fuss free Chinese restaurant serving good value for money dishes.

Blue Lotus-20

Blue Lotus-22

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Known among Sentosa Cove residents as “the restaurant with the Chinese lanterns”, Blue Lotus is the only Chinese outlet within Quayside Isle—quickly gaining popularity among locals and Westerners alike. Its casual alfresco seats offer a great spot for people watching while knocking back a chilled pint of beer (from $12). Be sure to order the crispy fried salmon skin ($12) coated in egg yolk with a zest of lime, and the crispy fried squid tentacles ($26) with salt and pepper—nothing creative, but makes for some pretty good chow.

Crispy fried salmon skin coated in egg yolk ($12)

salmon skin

Crispy fried squid tentacles with salt and pepper ($26)


More substantial bites include the lemongrass prawn toast ($18) accompanied with a sweet and sour Thai sauce that’s spicy and tangy.

Lemongrass prawn toast ($18)

prawn toast

A local favorite, the hot stone long ribs bak kut teh ($15) with enoki and shitake is cooked with wolfberries and Japanese black garlic that blossoms into a robust sweetness. The soup and meat is prepared individually before serving together; hence preventing the meat from overcooking while adding flavor to the herbal soup.

Hot stone long ribs bak kut teh ($15) with truffle mushroom rice

bak kut teh

bak kut teh 2

We particularly enjoyed the wok-fried Wagyu beef tenderloin ($45). Instead of the usual Chinese methods of cooking with black pepper, this dish uses peppercorn that brings a sweet and brightly intense taste to perfectly tender cubes of beef. Sautéed leeks and onions add crunch to the dish with a slight hint of spice from red bell peppers.

Wok-fried Wagyu beef tenderloin ($45)

wagyu beef

The highlight of the menu here is their house specialty chili pomelo crabs (market price; from $78/kg). While we found the level of spice far too intense for our palates, the flavor and succulence of fresh crabmeat proved worthy of spice tolerance—the pomelos help to ease the spice. We even went back for seconds, scarpetting with deep fried mantous.

Signature chili pomelo crabs (market price; from $78/kg)

Blue Lotus Signature Pomelo Chili Crab

If you’ve got a hankering for Cantonese-Chinese cuisine, we reckon you won’t be disappointed here. Brownie points for clear waterfront views.

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Blue Lotus, #01-13 Quayside Isle, 31 Ocean Way, 6339-0880. www.bluelotus.com.sg. Open Mon 11:30am-10pm, Wed-Sat 11:30am-10pm, Sun 10am-10pm.

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