(More Than) Good Enough Meats at James’ Butchery

The much talked about PasarBella has given us yet another reason to get the conversation going—first, it was anchor tenant Oceans of Seafood; now, James’ Butchery & Co..


A veteran in the industry, local butcher James Goodenough has been in the business for over 20 years (from the tender age of 16, no less), attributing most of his knowledge to the mentorship of Ernst Huber, Chairman of Huber’s Butchery.

Owner of James’ Butchery, James Goodenough

James Goodenough

The team behind James’ Butchery

James' Team

Making less common quality meats available for the first time in Singapore, James’ Butchery offers special cuts such as dry aged beef from the US and Ireland (usually aged 21 to 30 days), and 500-day grain-fed Australian Wagyu (from Margaret River) with an eight to nine marbling score. All cattle are raised with no growth hormones or added antibiotics, hence increasing the tenderness and flavor of the meats.

Meats for roast

Roast Family

500-day Australian grain-fed Wagyu

500 Day Grain Fed Wagyu

Irish dry edged beef

Irish Dry Edged

Amongst 150 varieties of cuts from all over the world, James’ Butchery also retails a range of marinated meats that’s been sliced, portioned and flavorfully seasoned—ideal for time-strapped home cooks. There’s also a griddle station for diners who wish to satisfy their hunger there and then.


Display 2

On the griddle are some pretty darned good lamb cutlets that are mouth-wateringly tender and incredibly sweet. A bite of this and you’ll realize this butcher sure knows his stuff. James Goodenough’s meats are not merely “good enough”—they are exquisite.

Lamb cutlets

Menu_Lamb Cutlets

Kagoshima beef

Menu_ Kagoshima Beef

James Butchery, #02-K22/25 Pasarbella, The Grandstand, 200 Turf Club Rd., 6465-5886. www.fb.com/JamesButcheryCo. Restaurant opens daily noon-9pm, retail opens daily 9:30am-9pm.


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