Hottest Tacos in Singapore at Lower East Side Taqueria

Burn, Baby, Burn

It’s no secret that Singaporeans love their spices, so when one can say of (Singapore’s hottest chili) chili padi, “been there; done that”, it’s time to venture into the unknown. Enter Lower East Side Taqueria with its wickedly hot menu of tacos, burritos, and well-marinated spicy meats.

Lower East Side Taqueria - frontage

Brought to you by the same team who gave us Spathe Public House, owner Christopher Lim and Chef-Partner Claudio Sandri take pride in showcasing intensely hot chilies and peppers directly imported from Mexico.

Chef-Partner Claudio Sandri

Lower East Side Taqueria - Chef Claudio Sandri with a tray of tacos

Signatures like the grilled 180-day grain-fed beef ($28) uses a customized charcoal grill that imparts an earthy smoky flavor to the meat, served with ancho salsa to exude a unique sour flavor worthy of appreciation.

180-day grain-fed beef ($28)

Lower East Side Taqueria - Charcoal Grilled Beef

Laudable (spice level one) dishes we reckon will be crowd-pleasers are the octopus and squid burrito ($18) brimming with fresh avocados, broiled streaky bacon, iceberg salad, crunchy green apples and chipotle salsa, and pork belly taco ($11) that’s marinated four to six hours in a homemade ancho chili paste before cooked sous vide.

DIY burrito platter

Lower East Side Taqueria - DIY Burrito platter (mood shot)

Pork belly taco trio ($28)

Lower East Side Taqueria - Pork Belly tacos (trio)

If that doesn’t fire you up, try your hand at their scorpion and ghost peppers—one sharp and acidic with lingering heat; the other a smoky kind of spice that tickles the throat. If the flames get too hot to handle, quell the heat with some homemade horchata ($5)—a blend of rice grains, almonds, nuts, cinnamon, with a touch of condensed milk.

Horchata ($5)

Lower East Side Taqueria - Horchata

Lower East Side Taqueria, 19 East Coast Rd., 9824-4009. Open Mon-Fri noon-11pm, Sat-Sun 10am-11pm.

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