Now Open: Gyoza-Ya at Robinsons Orchard, The Heeren

While the new Robinsons that took over The Heeren is home to upscale brands, we were pleased to find that the F&B establishments were quite the opposite, with affordable Japanese cuisines available at Sushi Goshin (sushi prices start at $1) and Gyoza Ya.

Gyoza Ya Frontage for Gourmet Adventures

A glance at the menu explained why this spot is usually packed at lunch: mains start from $5.80 for a plate of garlic or seafood fried rice—a rarity in the heart of town (unless you’re dining at the food court).

The signature dish here is gyoza ($4.80 for six)—available panfried or steamed and served with the house special sauce. There’s also a vegetarian option that swaps crunchy cabbage, chives and shitake for pork (we much preferred the meat version, though). Despite its thin skin (much resembling a Chinese dumpling), the gyozas were panfried to a crisp and stuffed generously with juicy ground pork. While the gyozas here are undoubtedly delicious, we still found the gyozas at Osaka Ohsho triumphant—the combination of its chewy skin and flavorful filling doesn’t fail to impress. Plus point: Osaka Ohsho’s are $7.80 for a plate of 12.

Panfried gyoza ($4.80 for six)

Gyoza Ya Pan Fried Gyozas for Gourmet Adventures

Having said that, we did however, prefer the mains here (as compared to Osaka Ohsho). There’s not an extensive selection, but that’s what we liked about it—what they serve, they do well. The jyajya men ($6.50) is definitely a must-try. Looking dubiously like a rendition of the Chinese ‘zha jiang mian’ (fried sauce noodles), we found this incredibly tasty—thick chewy strands of wheat noodles topped with marinated minced pork, house special miso paste and a dollop of grated ginger, rings of fresh spring onions and cucumber slices. A few spoonfuls of chili oil (it’s pretty mild) adds an aromatic fragrance to the dish, enhancing the flavor of its ‘soup’ later on.

Jyajya men ($6.50)

Gyoza Ya Jya Jya Men for Gourmet Adventures (2)

How to eat this: tsukemen style. When you’re almost done, keep a third of your noodles and crack the soft boiled egg in. The servers will then add in a hot ‘soup’ into your bowl. Next, stir in the house special miso paste (to your preference—we recommend at least two spoonfuls for flavor) into the soup. Upon addition of the soup, the spiciness of the chili oil was washed away, leaving remnants of its fragrance, enhacing umami flavors of the marinated minced pork and soft boiled egg mixed into the broth. We’ll definitely be back for more.

Watch the video on how to eat Gyoza-Ya’s jyajya men here.

Gyoza Ya Jya Jya Men for Gourmet Adventures

Gyoza-Ya, The Heeren, #B1-02A Robinsons Orchard, 260 Orchard Rd., 6737-5581. Open daily 11:30am-10pm.


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