The Ultimate Guide to Singapore Cocktail Week 2015 (#SGCocktailWeek): Where to Go and What to Drink

One of the biggest cocktail events to happen in Singapore thus far, Singapore Cocktail Week 2015 (#SGCocktailWeek) is about to blow your mind, and we’re just getting started. With a list of 150 exquisite cocktails (all at $14 each) available across 30 of Singapore’s best cocktail bars, you’re obviously going to need some help. That’s what we’re here for. So buckle up, and get ready to rumble.

28 Hong Kong Street

28 Hong Kong Street - Singapore Cocktail Week - News by Gourmet Adventures

28 Hong Kong Street has a new look, and we’re totally digging it. Gone is the corner bar, a sleek bar counter spanning across the sexy lounge, legitimizing getting tipsy on profoundly delicious cocktails (by award-winning bartenders) like a true New Yorker would. P.s. They’ve now got Global Ambassador for Barcardi, David Córdoba, at the bar.

Shoot The Gringo (original price: $22)
Mina Real Silver, Aperol and Mancino Rosso Vermouth

The Cordoba Daiquiri (original price: $20)
Plantation 3 Star, castor sugar and fresh lime

Sugar-man (original price: $20)
Bacardi 1909, St. George absinthe, salt, fresh lime juice, ginger syrup, cucumber and East imperial ginger beer

Border Wars (original price: $22)
Redemption High Rye whiskey, Alipús Single-Village mezcal, Mathilde Poire and Licor 43

Slip Me A Mickey (original price: $20)
Death’s Door gin, Fernet Branca, ginger honey cognac syrup, fresh lime juice

28 Hong Kong Street, 28 Hong Kong St.


Head Bartender Tom Hogan of Antidote - Singapore Cocktail Week - News by Gourmet Adventures

Cozy up at this progressively modern and stylish bar that serves up exquisite small plates. We’ve yet to have a bad cocktail here, so rest assured, you’ll be in the good hands of head bartender, Tom Hogan. While you’re at it, nibble on some of our favorite goodies like the delicate parmesan pizza with olive oil caviar ($12), akami tuna with jalapeño ponzu ($18), and an orgasmic clam sphere with crispy bacon and parsley oil ($14).

Becherovka Swizzle (original price: $23)
Becherovka, honey, lemon, mint

Cardamom Gimlet (original price: $23)
Gin, cardamom syrup, lime

Chrysanthemum (original price: $23)
Dry vermouth, Bénédictine, rum, absinthe

Milk Punch (original price: $23)
Cognac, milk whey, orange, coriander

Sherry Cobbler (original price: $23)
Oloroso sherry, bourbon, house-made falernum, lime juice

Antidote, 1/F Fairmont Singapore, 80 Bras Basah Rd., 6431-5315. Open daily 5pm-2am.

Ding Dong

Ding Dong Cocktails - Singapore Cocktail Week - News by Gourmet Adventures

Quirky name, ain’t it? Well, its cocktails are no different. Saddle up to the bar on level two for an experience akin a New York modern dim sum bar, replete with modern ‘dim sum’ in the form of small plates (read: Asian wagyu beef tartare; $24) and 48-hour beef cheek). Exclusively available during Singapore Cocktail Week are two special concoctions by head bartender, Kamil Foltan, After Eight Julep and Bangkok Fizz; all set to keep you buzzed. Read more

Ding Dong Sour (original price: $20)
Thai- tea infused whiskey, citrus, gomme

Roti Kaya (original price: $18)
Johnnie Walker black label, pandan syrup, gomme, coconut cream

Calpis (original price: $18)
Tanqueray gin, Amarao Montenegro, calpis, citrus

After eight Julep (exclusively created for Singapore Cocktail Week)
Mint-infused bourbon, cacao white, citrus, gomme

Bangkok Fizz (exclusively created for Singapore Cocktail Week)
Tanqueray gin, basil chlorophyll, gomme, citrus

Ding Dong, 23 Ann Siang Rd., 6557-0189. Open Mon-Fri noon-3pm, 6pm-midnight; Sat 6pm-midnight.


FOC Restaurant & Bar - Good Old Diplomatic Pal (Barrel Aged) - Singapore Cocktail Week - News by Gourmet Adventures

It’s time to get fired up with the outstanding bartending team at FOC, most of whom are tatted up like a Green Day rock star, which only adds to their appeal. With a cocktail list crafted by bartenders Dario Knox and Shafik Ismail of Catalunya fame—expectations have just been raised; limiting yourself to one (cocktail) ain’t happening tonight. So don’t. Read more

Good Old Diplomatic Pal (pictured above; original price: $24)
Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva rum, house-made coffee vermouth blend, Cynar Amaro, Aperol Aperitivo, Campari bitters, 3 barrels

El Vermouth De Dalí (original price: $15.50)
Bourbon, chocolate bitters, Antica Formula, Aperol Aperitivo, grapefruit bitters, house-made vermouth bitters, citrus smoke

Bloody Jordi (original price: $14)
Tequila Blanco, freshly squeezed lemon, freshly pressed cherry tomatoes, house-made celery vinegar, kimuchi no motom smoked salt

Churchill Old Fashioned (original price: $22)
Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva Rum, Angostura bitters, chocolate bitters, sugar, Churchill cigar smoke

I Feel Like Something Sour $16
House-made ginger-blended whisky, Px sherry, freshly squeezed orange, house-made honey water, vermouth, almond, freshly squeezed lemon

FOC, 40 Hong Kong St., 6100-4040. Open Mon-Thu noon-2pm, 6-10pm; Fri noon-2pm, 6-10:30pm; Sat 6-10:30pm.

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Hopscotch Bar - Georgetown Special - Singapore Cocktail Week - News by Gourmet Adventures

Go back to yesteryear with locally-inspired cocktails by owner-bartenders Kino Soh and Joel Ne Win. Expect boundary-torching verve with this duo—we’re talking cocktails reminiscent of chicken ricegoreng pisang (deep fried banana fritters), and even the walking along Arab Street! If uniquely evoking cocktails rock your boat, then you’ve found your ship, mate.

Georgetown Special (pictured above; original price: $22)
Vodka, green mango, mint, tamarind paste, ginger flower, lime

Hop Kee (original price: $21)
Gin, sesame fat-washed vodka, cucumber, lemon

Na Na (original price: $21)
Light rum, passion fruit, kaffir lime leaves, lemon, egg white

Nonya Crack (original price: $21)
Light rum, batida de coco, pandan, pink salt, milk

Smoking Pisang (original price: $23)
Banana-infused bourbon, fig, sandalwood smoke

Hopscotch, 1/F RedDot Traffic Bldg., 28 Maxwell Rd. 6327-4820. Open Mon-Sat 4pm-1am.

House of Dandy

House of Dandy Bar - Singapore Cocktail Week - News by Gourmet Adventures

Bringing back the roaring twenties with a touch of Gatsby-esque décor, House of Dandy exudes a vibe that one can only begin describe as fabulous. From cubic mirror panels and jazzy art pieces reminiscent of the glorious Golden Age to plush velour couches and leathered seats decked out in royal blue and matt gold, this cocktail bar embodies an early 19th century concept of aristocratic hedonism—perfectly describing its (dandy) moniker. Read more

#2 (pictured above; original price: $22)
Smoked cashew-infused rum, dry curacao, lime juice, gula melaka, kaffir, lemongrass bitters

#3 (original price: $23)
Diplomatico Exclusiva rum, Cocchi Torino, maple walnut syrup, Aphrodite bitters, egg

#6 (original price: $23)
Rock rose gin, Edinburgh raspberry gin, house-made dark falernum, lime juice, Angostura bitters, Peychauds bitters

#7 (original price: $22)
Bramble-infused G Vine gin, Goslings black seal, lime juice, juniper, grenadine, cranberry, clove tincture, egg white

#9 (original price: $24)
Nikka 17 Y.O., spiced apple syrup, yuzu juice, grapefruit bitters, spritzed sake

House of Dandy, 74 Tras St., 8661-2340. Open Mon-Sat 5pm-1am.

Jekyll & Hyde

Jekyll & Hyde Cocktail Bar - Sicilian Sunshine - Singapore Cocktail Week - News by Gourmet Adventures

Rocking the bar is head bartender, Jeff Ho, formerly of Bar Stories. Says the cocktail maestro, “Everyone has a unique palette and we want to make sure that your drink wows you—be it through flavor pairings that you’ve never expected, or through ingredients that are uncommonly used in cocktails.” And wow us, they did. Read more

Mr. Bean (original price: $23)
Lao Ban soya beancurd, kaya, butterscotch, frangelico, vodka

Sicilian Sunshine (pictured above; original price: $23)
Solerno blood orange, Bols yogurt, lemon juice, simple syrup

Miso After 8 (original price: $23)
Creme de cacao dark, Menthe pastille, miso

Strawberry Manhattan (original price: $25)
Rye whisky, fraise des bois

Midori Sake (original price: $23)
Midori, Yaegaki Nigori sake

Jekyll & Hyde, 49 Tras St., 6222-3349. Open Mon-Thu 6pm-1am, Fri-Sat 6pm-2am.

Jigger & Pony

Jigger & Pony Cocktail Bar - New York Sour - Singapore Cocktail Week - News by Gourmet Adventures

Two-time Diageo Reserve World Class Singapore winner Aki Eguchi whips up a stunning list of signature creations. Case in such: Negroni and Old Fashioned, made with artisanal spirits and house-made infusions and syrups to ensure absolute control on quality and consistency—even the ice is frozen from filtered water and meticulously hand-carved daily.

Corpse Reviver #101 (original price: $22)
Babicka vodka, St. Germain, jasmine sweet vermouth, lemon, absinthe jelly

Gentleman’s Mule (original price: $22)
Hendrick’s gin, Poire Williams, lime, absinthe bitters, Fever Tree elderflower tonic

New York Sour (pictured above; original price: $22)
Rittenhouse rye whiskey, lemon, simple syrup, a float of wine

God Father (original price: $22)
Johnnie Walker black label scotch, Luxardo Amaretto, chocolate bitters

Sakura Sakura (original price: $22)
Plantation 3 Stars rum, Massenez crème de peche, sake, sakura syrup, lemon, egg white

Jigger & Pony, 101 Amoy St., 6223-9101/9621-1074. Open Mon-Thu 6pm-1am, Fri-Sat 6pm-3am.

Ku De Ta

Ku De Ta Cocktails - Singapore Cocktail Week - News by Gourmet Adventures

Ku De Ta’s reputation of premium quality spirits serves them well, boasting a range of delectably smooth-drinking cocktails with a view to match. Whether it’s a classic (cocktail) or a whole new concoction, the expert bartending team here will satiate your (alcohol) desires. Twist it up with a fiery Old Fashioned ($24), or go Japanese with the Kiku Vesper ($24). Or maybe, have both, if your heart desires. There’s no right or wrong here.

Storm Cooler (pictured above left; original price: $24)
Vodka, passion fruit, honey, raw liquorice powder

Honey Rose Daiquiri (pictured above right; original price: $24)
House-blend rum, fresh lime, honey, roses

Fireside Old Fashioned (original price: $24)
Maple-infused Ardbeg whiskey, bourbon, bitters

Kiku Vesper (original price: $24)
Gin, yuzu shochu, house-made dry sake tonic

Ku De Ta Mai Tai (original price: $24)
Ku De Ta house-blended rum, orange curacao, apricot brandy, orgeat syrup, fresh lime juice, orange bitters

Ku De Ta, 57/F, 1 Bayfront Ave., Marina Bay Sands Tower 3, 6688-7688. Open Mon-Fri noon-3pm; 6-11pm, Sat-Sun 6-11pm.


L'Aiglon Cocktail Bar Neil Road - Wolf's Peach Illusion - Singapore Cocktail Week - News by Gourmet Adventures

We’ve previously told you about their amazing Bloody Marys. Satiating parched throats here, is head bartender, Louis Tan, formerly of The Horse’s Mouth and recent Diageo Reserve World Class semi-finals acclaim. With Tan helming the bar, sobriety would be the last thing on your mind, especially when the bar works on an European pour system (as opposed to the common American pour). A collection of smartly creative drinks exist in the form of signature cocktails such as Screaming Tomatoes ($22) and Wolf’s Peach Illusion ($24). Read more

Daiquiri (original price: $20)
White rum, fresh lime juice, sugar syrup

Wolf’s Peach Illusion (pictured above; original price: $24)
Gin, lychee liqueur, fresh lemon juice, basil syrup, French cherry tomatoes, pineapples

Scotch-ed Apple (original price: $16)
Blended ccotch, fresh apple juice, ginger syrup

Bird of Paradise (original price: $18)
Dark rum, fresh lime juice, orgeat, orange curacao, fresh starfruit juice

Biting the Bulleit (original price: $20)
Bulleit bourbon, Antica Formula, fresh lime juice, maple syrup, Luxardo Amaretto

L’Aiglon, 69 Neil Rd., 6220-0369. Open Mon-Sat 6pm-1am.

Manhattan Bar

Regent Singapore Manhattan's Bar - Singapore Cocktail Week - News by Gourmet Adventures

Inspired by the 19th century’s Golden Age of cocktails and fine drinking, Manhattan Bar is a glamorously modern space that embodies the spirit of old New York City (NYC), bringing back timeless classic cocktails. Here, one will find the world’s first in-hotel rickhouse that showcases over 100 American oak barrels used to finish whiskies and other spirits, as well as to age bitters and single-cask cocktails ($25)—don’t miss their barrel aged babies. If you’re not convinced, this will; we hear this is will be head bartender, Ricky Paiva’s last stint. The bitter end is near. Read more

Barrel-aged El Presidente #2 (exclusively created for Singapore Cocktail Week)
Plantation original dark, Mancino bianco vermouth, Luxardo Sangue Morlacco cherry brandy

Hendrick’s Cooler (pictured above; exclusively created for Singapore Cocktail Week)
Hendrick’s gin, fresh lemon juice, cucumber, mint, seltzer water, absinthe

Ward Eight (exclusively created for Singapore Cocktail Week)
Redemption rye whiskey, fresh orange juice, fresh lemon juice, house-made grenadine

Princess Peach (exclusively created for Singapore Cocktail Week)
Death’s Door gin, fresh lemon juice, egg white, sparkling wine, rosemary, peach syrup

Boilermaker (exclusively created for Singapore Cocktail Week)
Bottle of Budvar Czech lager with a pour of Becherovka on the side

Manhattan Bar, 2/F Regent Singapore, 1 Cuscaden Rd. Open daily 5pm-1am.

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Mars Bar

Mars Bar - Bak Kua Cocktail - Singapore Cocktail Week - News by Gourmet Adventures

Taking over the hotel lobby bar at The Duxton Hotel is Mars Bar by Mixes From Mars—a pop up cocktail bar from now till. Set up by owner-bartenders Louis Tan and Roger Yip, Mars Bar aims to (pleasantly) surprise adventurous palates with whacky and inventive concoctions like Mr. Rougan ($23) and Tipsy Culture ($22). Read more

Milo From Mars (original price: $21)
Butterscotch schnapps, Frangelico, Calvados, milk, vanilla ice cream, salt, Milo powder

Mr. Rougan (pictured above; original price: $23)
Bak-kwa infused bourbon, mandarin orange juice, cinnamon syrup

Tipsy Culture (original price: $22)
Gin, Kyoho grape liqueur, calpis, vanilla, black seedless grapes, ege white

Duxton Swizzle (original price: $18)
Vodka, Kwai Feh lychee liqueur, calamansi, watermelon, sugar, mint

Old Town Singapura (original price: $23)
Rittenhouse rye whiskey, brandy, Carpano Antica Formula, Angostura bitters, Peychaud’s bitters

Mars Bar, 83 Duxton Rd., 83 Duxton Rd., 9651-6714. Open Mon-Sun 4pm-1am.

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Nutmeg & Clove

Nutmeg & Clove - Cocktail Bar at Ann Siang Hill - Dirty Chinese Martini - Singapore Cocktail Week - News by Gourmet Adventures

Step into this cozy alcove and it’s easy to think you’re in a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) shop. Chief ‘practitioner’, Kae Yin, harnesses the body’s vital energy to whip up non-traditional concoctions like signature cocktail Nutmeg & Clove ($18)—a ménage à trios of fresh grapefruit juice, lychee liqueur and house-blended five spice liqueur with refreshing notes of pomelo, savored with a cherry tomato dipped in dark chocolate.

Good Ole Fashion Revolution (original price: $18)
Pandan-infused Redemption rye whiskey, toasted coconut-infused rice milk, spice bitters blend

1965 (exclusively created for Singapore Cocktail Week)
Mount Gay Eclipse rum, coconut milk, banana puree, spiced barley syrup;, fresh lime;, fruit espuma

Nutmeg & Clove (original price: $18)
Jasmine flower-infused Tanqueray London Dry gin, kirsch, pomelo juice, fresh citrus, nutmeg, clove, salt, pepper

Two Grains & The Far East (exclusively created for Singapore Cocktail Week)
Glen Grant Major’s Reserve whiskey, yuzu, Blue Lion pilsner reduction, fresh citrus, Blue Lion pilsner espuma

Basil & Beer (exclusively created for Singapore Cocktail Week)
Apricot brandy, pineapple juice, Thai basil, Blue Lion craft pilsner

Nutmeg & Clove, 17 Ann Siang Rd., 6423-9885. Open Mon-Thu 5pm-midnight, Fri-Sat 5pm-1am.

Operation Dagger

Operation Dagger Cocktail Bar - Chocolate Mint & Vanilla - Singapore Cocktail Week - News by Gourmet Adventures

Enter this underground speakeasy and you might find yourself feeling like an undercover agent on a top-secret mission. Prevent yourself from ordering a vodka martini; “shaken, not stirred”. Hundreds of insipid glass bottles with hand-scrawled labels containing house-made spirits line the back of the apothecary bar. What’s so great about this spot is how you’ll never really know what you might get (in a cocktail)—bringing you back to being a Bond agent. Head bartender, Luke Whearty, is a creative genius at that, playing with a contrast of textures and complex layer of flavors to birth ridiculously mouthwatering libations.

Chocmint & Vanilla (pictured above; exclusively created for Singapore Cocktail Week)
Mezcal, filtered water, raw cacao, house-made mint amaro, agave nectar, distilled mint icem vanilla bean straw

Operation Dagger, 7 Ann Siang Hill.


Sugarhall Cocktail Bar - Mai-Tai Ala Sugarhall - Singapore Cocktail Week - News by Gourmet Adventures

Add a bottle of rum (or two) to a backyard grill party and you’ve got yourself a winning formula. A spontaneous gathering of like-minded friends established just that. Showcasing over 60 rums from all over the world under one roof, Sugarhall takes a radical leap of faith with new ‘fun-dining’ concept, swapping the classic wine repertoire for an edgy cocktail list curated by head bartender (and two-time Diageo Reserve World Class Singapore winner) Aki Eguchi. Read more

Mai-Tai-A La Sugarhall (pictured above; original price: $22)
Secret blend of rums, orgeat, lime, almond, spiced apricot brandy

Daiquiri #2 (original price: $22)
Pineapple-infused Plantation 5 Y.O rum, Banks 5 rum, lemon juice, sugar syrup

Dark & Stormy (original price: $22)
Gosling Black Seal rum, lime, house-fermented ginger beer

Outpost (original price: $22)
Sailor Jerry spiced rum, Luxardo Maraschino, Green Chartreuse, lime

Negroni (original price: $22)
Cana Brava rum, velvet falernum, Mancino Rosso, Campari

Sugarhall, 102 Amoy St., 6222-9102. Open Mon-Sat 6pm-midnight.

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The Horse’s Mouth

The Horse's Mouth Cocktail Bar - After Sunset - Singapore Cocktail Week - News by Gourmet Adventures

One of the best kept secrets in town—its entrance is so inconspicuous it’s practically non-existent—a visit to The Horse’s Mouth is an experience that puts one “in the know”. The bar is situated in the basement of the mall, but make your way over to Uma Uma Ramen (#01-41) where a hostess will lead you into the restaurant, down a dimly lit stairway to the bar. Which is where your (cocktail) fantasies will come alive.

After Sunset (pictured above; original price: $25)
Tanqueray gin, Pierre Ferrand dry curacao, lemon juice, house-made persimmon syrup, egg white

Beetroot Bonanza (original price: $25)
Mina Real mezcal, Green Chartreuese, lime juice, house-made beetroot syrup, chili padi

Donald Duck’s (original price: $25)
Diplomatico Anejo rum, Luxardo Sangue Morlacco cherry liqueur, Mozart black chocolate liqueur, gula melaka, Peychaud’s bitters, egg yolk

Smoked Up (original price: $25)
Lapsang souchong-infused Don Julio Blanco tequila, lime juice, maple syrup, salt water

Summer Spumoni (original price: $25)
Sipsmith Summer Cup gin blend (London dry gin, earl grey tea, lemon verbena), grapefruit juice, lime juice, house-made lemongrass syrup, Fever Tree tonic water

The Horse’s Mouth, Forum The Shopping Mall, 583 Orchard Rd., 6235-1088. Open Mon-Thu 6pm-midnight, Fri-Sat 6pm-1am.

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Tippling Club

Tippling Club - Duxton Cocktail Bar - Jersey Lightning - Singapore Cocktail Week - News by Gourmet Adventures

Easily hands down one of our personal favorite cocktail bars of the lot—bartenders Kamil Foltan and Russell Cardoza make damn sure of that; Tippling Club’s dynamic new location in the Central Business District only makes it more convenient to quench one’s thirst with award-winning cocktails—we especially love La Final ($24) and Smashing Good Thyme ($22). Screw Eat Pray Love, it’s time for ‘Eat Drink Love’, a new movie starring you (obviously). Eat: the crab cakes ($19). Drink The Smokey Old Bastard ($24). Love it. Repeat. Our work is done here. Read more

Pink Peppercorn Negroni (original price: $22)
Pink peppercorn-infused gin, vermouth

Jersey Lightning (pictured above; original price: $20)
Green apple-infused bourbon, cinnamon, vanilla

Strawberry Americano (exclusively created for Singapore Cocktail Week)
Aperol, house-made strawberry vermouth, soda

Sartorial (exclusively created for Singapore Cocktail Week)
VSOP cognac, clover honey, sartorial bitters (leather, patchouli, vanilla)

Anhui Martini (exclusively created for Singapore Cocktail Week)
Gin, house-made keemun cordial

Tippling Club, 38 Tanjong Pagar Rd., 6475-2217. Open Mon-Fri noon-3pm, 6pm-midnight; Sat 6pm-midnight.

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