Spinacas Sends Deliciously Wholesome and Hearty Salads to Your Door & 10% Off For Our Readers

Born out of a passion for wholesome, hearty salads, the idea for Spinacas (Spanish for ‘spinach’) emerged when former architect Phyllis Chua arrived back in Singapore after a sabbatical in Spain, only to realize that nutritious and hearty salads were hard to find. “Most of them were too protein-light or carb-heavy.” The health and fitness fanatic then took matters into her own hands, and Spinacas was born.

Phyllis Chua, founder of Spinacas


A variety of seven salads are available, inclusive of two vegetarian options that hit the spot even with meat lovers. We especially loved the vegetarian ratatouille salad consisting of a rich, heartwarming stew of aubergine, zucchini and mushrooms cooked ratatouille-style and layered in a robust tomato sauce… We’ll get to that later.

The barbecue pulled pork salad ($11) shines through in both flavor and substance, slow-cooked in cinnamon meat stock for six hours until meltingly tender, then tossed in a house special barbecue sauce. There’s such a generous portion of meat that not a single mouthful is left without the absolutely tasty pork shoulder. Crisp baby spinach leaves and tossed in extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper, together with honey cherry tomatoes and crunchy red grapes that add a fruity tang while roasted peanuts exude a nice smoky flavor and crunch. We especially love the contrast of the warm and juicy meat against the cool fresh greens.

Barbecue pulled pork salad ($11) at Spinacas


Chua’s skills come to fore in the handmade beef balls ($13) salad consisting of 100% hand-made lean ground beef balls served in a piquant Italian style basil tomato sauce. It was so surprisingly delicious (and we had it delivered) that we took it one step further—we reheated it. So tender were the beef balls that they remained flavorful and moist, withstanding less than favorable circumstances, and rising above it. It’s good meat, all right.

Handmade beef balls at Spinacas


Handmade beef balls ($13) salad at Spinacas


When one is used to bland and tasteless vegetarian dishes, much convincing is needed to summon the strength to opt for a vegetarian salad over something meatier—after all, a salad already has sufficient greens, no? It’s a good thing we summoned the strength. We’re not vegetarian, but the vegetarian ratatouille salad ($11) could easily convert us. Flavors do not restrain themselves as it dances across the palate in celebration, bursting with mildly spicy caramelized sweetness of aubergine, zucchini and mushroom—best eaten warm. Strength won’t be required to opt for this the next time.

Vegetarian ratatouille at Spinacas


Vegetarian ratatouille salad ($11) at Spinacas


Middle Eastern flavors come to play in the Morrocan spiced chicken salad ($11). Chicken cubes are marinated for 12 hours in a fiery exotic spice blend including cumin, paprika and tumeric, to ensure complete flavor absorption, before proceeding to sauté the meat to a level of juiciness one wouldn’t expect of chicken. The result is a delightfully exotic and tasty chicken salad that makes healthy eating a breeze.

Morrocan spiced chicken salad ($11) at Spinacas


There’s no time like the present to start eating healthy.

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Spinacas, 195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace, #01-55, 9770-7039. Open Mon-Fri 11am-1pm, 5-6pm.

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