Chinese Seafood Restaurant Diamond Kitchen Opens in the West

Since Diamond Kitchen first launched at Marine Parade in 2013, its perpetual crowds can only mean one thing—the food speaks for itself. So well perhaps, that it has launched its second outlet in the West at Science Park Drive.

So, good news, we’ve now got Diamond Kitchen in the West; a 300-seater that eliminates waiting time—the only thing separating us from mouthwatering Chinese delicacies.

Diamond Kitchen at Science Park Drive

Diamond Kitchen Interior (Heritage Wall) - Review by Gourmet Adventures

Starting our culinary journey is the shredded chicken salad with abalone ($100 for four), which is essentially a Chinese version of a cold salad. We especially enjoyed the crisp textures of julienned celery, carrot and black fungus amid the firm crunchiness of Australian abalone, its sweet brininess complemented by lashings of fragrant sesame oil.

Shredded chicken salad with abalone ($100 for four) at Diamond Kitchen

Diamond Kitchen Shredded Chicken Salad - Review by Gourmet Adventures

As if that wasn’t enough to whet the appetite, each person gets an individual portion of garlic steamed bamboo clam ($12-14 each) in Hong Kong sauce—which’s perfect, cause you won’t want to share. Each Scottish bamboo clam is steamed with glass noodles, enoki mushroom and water chestnut that adds a surprising element of sweetness and crunch, best savored with heaps of crispy fried garlic—it’s so good you’ll never have enough.

Garlic steamed bamboo clam ($12-14 each) at Diamond Kitchen

Diamond Kitchen Garlic Steamed Bamboo Clam - Review by Gourmet Adventures

Any Cantonese restaurant worth its salt would serve one helluva awesome Hong Kong steamed fish. Diamond Kitchen does just that. The steamed giant grouper (market price) is a rare delicacy in local restaurants due to its difficulty in preparing its meat. At Diamond Kitchen, this 20 kg monstrosity of a fish is skillfully portioned; each part requiring a different cooking method to best enhance its taste. We had it steamed with Hong Kong sauce that’s brewed with top grade soy sauce, adding sweetness to its fresh, firm and gelatinous meat that we simply can’t pry ourselves away from.

Steamed giant grouper (market price) at Diamond Kitchen

Diamond Kitchen Hong Kong Steamed Giant Grouper - Review by Gourmet Adventures

More intense in flavor is the superior claypot giant grouper (market price) where the fish is braised in a mildly spicy house stock and garlic to exude deep and robust flavors.

One of our personal favorites of the set is the lobster porridge (market price). Lobsters are first steamed before being boiled in chicken stock, Chinese wine, ginger and ‘pao fan’ (broken rice) to absorb its rich flavors. It’s mad delicious, an absolutely perfect for a rainy day.

Lobster porridge (market price) at Diamond Kitchen

Diamond Kitchen Lobster Porridge - Review by Gourmet Adventures

Another highlight on the menu is its signature Diamond gan xiang crab (market price) of Sri Lankan crabs (ranging between 1.1 to 1.5 kg) wok-fried in a medley of aromatic spices that punctuates the senses with spicy, salty and peppery notes. It’s a little too spicy for us to handle, but it was too good to resist. Stand by coconut water to extinguish the fire.

Signature Diamond gan xiang crab (market price) at Diamond Kitchen

Diamond Kitchen Gan Xiang Crab - Review by Gourmet Adventures

Other dishes like the stir-fried sweet potato leaf with salted fish ($12-24) sends one back to reminiscing of comforting home-cooked meals, while the lemongrass jelly ($5) is a great way to refresh the palate after a meal.

It’s not everyday that you find a Chinese restaurant that serves seafood of such caliber.

Diamond Seafood Signatures Set ($88 per person; min. four to order), available now till Jul 31.

Diamond Kitchen, 87 Science Park Dr., #01-01 Oasis, 6464-0410. Open daily 11am-2:30pm, 5:30-10:30pm.

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