Dig in at Full of Crab (With Your Bare Hands) – No Cutlery Allowed

The East may well be a gourmand’s paradise, but at the expense of spending an hour in transit, we were reluctant to venture out of the city. But as fate would have it, we found ourselves in the East; hungry, and craving for seafood.

Full of Crab at East Coast Road

Full of Crab - Seafood Restaurant Interior - Review by Gourmet Adventures

So here we are, seated at a booth in Full of Crab, as a server comes over to take our order. Everything on the menu sounds good, and as hungry people go, over-ordering seemed highly probable. We decided to go with his recommendation, fish and chips ($14.90), and Captain’s Choice ($98): 1kg of Sri Lanka crab, 500g of shrimp, and corn in its signature Fully Loaded sauce (Cajun spice and garlic butter).

Good choice.

Upon placing our order, our server proceeded to line the table with paper, and placed two crab crackers and a new roll of paper towels next to us. Wait a minute, were we expected to eat with our hands? I was mildly appalled, but my dining companion grinned excitedly like a kid in a candy store. A brief survey of the restaurant confirmed my fears. As if that wasn’t enough, then came a voice, “We encourage our guests to use their hands. We don’t have any cutlery in the restaurant.” The last sentence resounded in my head like the deafening clang of a Chinese gong. 

Not long after, we smell the mouthwatering waft of Cajun spice and garlic, signaling the arrival of our meal.  Dinner arrives in a clear plastic bag, brimming with briny goodness. A crab claw peaks from the top, slathered in Fully Loaded sauce and covered in chopped garlic.

Captain’s Choice ($98 with two iced teas) at Full of Crab

Full of Crab - Captain's Choice - Review by Gourmet Adventures

It didn’t take long for me to reach into the bag with my bare hands. The claw was huge; the size of my entire palm, cracked open to reveal its sweet, juicy, firm and fleshy white meat, timely cooked so you enjoy it in its prime. 

Corn on the cob is breathtakingly sweet. It is so good we do not set it down until every kernel is gone. Equally impressive are the prawns; so fresh that its succulent flesh slips out of its shell as smoothly as silk.

The fish and chips arrive brown and golden in a paper basket accompanied by a lemon wedge and tartare sauce. We are told that the fish is cooked in dry batter, using a “shake-and-bake” method. Whatever technical know-how goes into this, doesn’t matter. We achieved the upper hand of the deal. The batter is crunchy and flavorfully spiced, unveiling a middle of juicy white flesh, ever-so-slightly pink from tenderness. We don’t think we’ve ever had fish and chips quite like this.

Fish and chips ($14.90) at Full of Crab

Full of Crab - Fish and Chips - Review by Gourmet Adventures

Seafood cooked this manner may not be something new, but here, familiar dishes are executed with care and attention, achieving optimal flavors with the best ingredients, ensuring you of a pretty darn good time.

That, and eating with your bare hands.

Full of Crab, 195 East Coast Rd., 6348-8195/9725-2195. Open Mon, Wed-Fri 11:30am-2:30pm; 6:30-10:30pm, Sat-Sun 11:30am-10:30pm. 

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