ERWIN’s Gastrobar – Gourmet Food, Affordable Beers, and Sports

We visit the River Valley outlet on a weekday night where a family has settled down for dinner. Whether you’re looking to wind down over drinks after a long day, or to bring the family for a nice meal, ERWIN’s Gastrobar checks out suitably. For the former, we recommend a cold pint of Paulaner (from $8.80) – one of a handful of bars that serve the synonymous Munich beer on draft. Red and white wines are also available on draft. Yes, you heard us right. While wine purists would scoff at the idea, an open mind and good vino is all that is needed to dispel any doubts – a good alternative, if beer isn’t your tipple of choice.

We start off with the Piadina flatbread ($14) – a delectable toasted tortilla filled with pancetta, mozzarella, black pepper cheddar, roasted peppers and jalapeños that gives a nice zing to balance out the savoury pancetta and cheese. Also a hit was the fried gnocchi ($8.50) – perfectly crisp, served with a special sauce comprised of basil ricotta and truffle salt. It was so addictive that we found ourselves dipping our fries ($5) in as well.

Piadina flatbread ($14) at ERWIN’s Gastrobar

Erwin's Gastrobar - Bar Bites - Review by Gourmet Adventures

For something more substantial, the mac & cheese balls ($11) are stuffed with cheese and Napolenta sauce that bring comfort to those who enjoy classic dishes.

New on the menu is the crayfish risotto ($18.50), served in a pot brimming with rich seafood stock and roasted cauliflower cream, alongside toasted ciabatta – use it to soak up more of the tasty sauce.

The restaurant also has vegetarian dishes, so keep a look out for the (V) symbol marked next to the item on the menu. We liked the sandwich option of eggplant parmigiana ($15.50) with fries and salad. The toasted pide bread with grilled eggplant drizzled with buffalo mozzarella and Napoletana sauce is a nice spin on the traditional chicken parmigiana.

Eggplant parmigiana ($15.50) at ERWIN’s Gastrobar

Erwin's Gastrobar - Eggplant Parmigiana - Review by Gourmet Adventures

We liked the salads on offer – a choice of three salad bases that are freshly made (from $10). For those who prefer proteins with their salads, a scrumptious array of proteins are available. Strips of herb roasted chicken ($5), prosciutto ($6), as well as Australian ribeye (100g; $8.50). We enjoyed the chargrilled tuna steak (150g; $8.50) the most, its red meat lightly seared and well complimented with the fresh greens that was lightly dressed with balsamic vinegar.

Raw salad (from $10) at ERWIN’s Gastrobar

Erwin's Gastrobar - Raw Salad - Review by Gourmet Adventures

To wrap up the evening, the mocha mousse ($3.50) was served alongside a warm donut – a nice contrast of hot and cold. The donut sans sugar is not overly sweet, and complements the caffeine punch of the mousse. We agreed a return trip to re-acquaint with this dessert would be pencilled in.

Every few months, the menu is tweaked to give some fresh food offerings. This makes it a great reason to check out the new offerings that will delight your taste buds while you wash it down with that frothy ice cold pint of Munich’s finest. Or that wine on tap.

ERWIN’s Gastrobar Valley Point, #01-21/22/23, 491 River Valley Rd., 6235-1613. Open Mon-Fri 11am-11pm, Sat-Sun 10am-midnight.

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