In the Kitchen: Chef Claude Bosi of Hibiscus, UK, 2 Michelin stars, 5 AA Rosettes

Under the mentorship of some of the most internationally acclaimed chefs – Alain Ducasse, Michel Rostag and Alain Passard, it’s no surprise Chef Claude Bosi managed to obtain a Michelin star after merely a year of heading the kitchen at Overton Grange.

As the Chef-owner of Hibiscus, United Kingdom (UK), Chef Claude Bosi is widely celebrated for his culinary prowess and ability to amalgamate seasonal produce with modern techniques. With two Michelin stars and five AA Rosettes under his belt, Claude’s creations exude elegance and simplicity, such as the king crab and smoked haddock starter with Granny Smith apple, and the slow cooked egg with French caviar served at 4xFOUR 2015 – the first time Chef Bosi has presented a full menu in Singapore.

Slow cooked egg with French caviar by Chef Claude Bosi at 4xFOUR 2015

4xFOUR 2015 by Chef Claude Bosi, 2 Michelin stars, Hibiscus, UK - Slow Cooked Egg with French Caviar - Review by Gourmet Adventures

Chef Claude Bosi, Hibiscus, UK, 2 Michelin Stars, 5 AA Rosettes

4xFOUR 2015 by Savour Events - Chef Claude Bosi, 2 Michelin stars, Hibiscus, UK - Interview with Gourmet Adventures

Chef Claude Bosi takes five with Gourmet Adventures to share what spurs his inspiration.

What was your childhood dream?
I wanted to be a carpenter or cake baker.

When did you realize that you wanted to be a Chef?
When I was 15, I had to choose between staying in school, or getting a job. I decided then that I wanted to be a Chef.

What were the most important lessons you learnt during your apprenticeship, and whom from?
Each place taught me to respect the produce, understand the seasons, cook with love, and to have deep pride in what you do.

What was it like to work under the mentorship of Alain Ducasse?
It many ways, it was very disciplined, but especially towards the quality of produce. It was a great experience for me.

How did it feel to receive one Michelin star within a year of heading Overton Grange?
I was really surprised! I never thought I would be one of “those Michelin-starred chefs”. I was very proud.

What is your culinary motto?
Never take a customer for granted, don’t change things just for the sake of it, and always do what you believe in.

Where does your creative inspiration stem from?
I follow the seasons to utilize the best produce available. My inspiration comes from the people I meet, the places I visit, the chefs who work for me… The brilliant thing is that there is always a different approach and opinion to consider, so I am constantly learning.

If there was one Chef you could collaborate with, who would it be and why?
There are so many inspiring Chefs that it would be impossible to choose just one. However, if it could be anyone from any point of time, it would be (the late) Fernand Point, founder of 3 Michelin-star restaurant La Pyramide in Vienne, France. 

What can we expect from Hibiscus in the near future?
Good food, great ambience, and a place where people would like to continue visiting.

What are your plans for the next five years? Any plans on establishing a new restaurant?
Five years is a long time. If you’d have asked me that in 2010 I doubt I would have got the answer even close to being right! I can only hope for happiness and good health to all those close to me, and in five years from now I hope to still be doing a bit of cooking as well!

4xFOUR 2015 is presented by Savour Events.

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