Heritage Cuisine by Shermay Lee at Escape Restaurant, One Farrer Hotel & Spa (Now till April 2016)

Buffet – a word with two syllables synonymous with mass production of average food that leave some with heartburn and many more with lighter wallets. Thankfully, a recent visit to Escape Restaurant & Lounge at One Farrer Hotel & Spa is the exception rather than the norm, serving an array of international dishes and familiar local favorites.

Achar (spicy mixed pickled vegetable), udang pedas nanas (spicy prawn cooked with pineapple), and ngoh hiang (five-spice meat roll) at Escape Restaurant

Escape Restaurant at One Farrer Hotel & Spa - Peranakan Cuisine with sauces - Review by Gourmet Adventures

Every first Saturday of the month from now till April 2016, Escape Restaurant is collaborating with local Peranakan Chef, Shermay Lee, to showcase local Peranakan delicacies alongside the usual line-up. We take a dollop of her signature cilicuka (traditional Singaporean red chili sauce; available online at Shermay Fine Food) with ngoh hiang – simply a match made in food heaven. Much willpower is required to stop at just one. Shermay’s bak kwa marinade is also put to great use with chicken wings. The sweet sauce cuts through the savory juiciness of chicken, bringing about an amalgamation of joyful flavors. We reckon you would be hard-pressed to find such tasty wings.

Chef Shermay Lee of Shermay Fine Food

Escape Restaurant at One Farrer Hotel & Spa - Chef Shermay Lee - Review by Gourmet Adventures

Another highlight of the meal is popular local delicacy, roti prata. Unlike the crispy version that seems to find favor with some, the prata here is softer and more flavorful, showcasing a impeccable blend of Indian spices, accompanied with a rich and robust curry – a new approach to familiar flavors made it felt like we were reuniting with an old flame.

For dessert, nothing less than the king of fruits would be expected. The durian pengat with gula melaka is creamy with just the right amount of mildly bitter durian pulp. A sure-win with durian lovers, but not for the faint-hearted.

Escape Restaurant & Lounge, 1 Farrer Park Station Rd., 6705-7828. Available for dinner ($60; 6-10:30pm) every first Saturday of the month till April 2016.

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