“Spain In A Day” at Catalunya Bar For Singapore Cocktail Week 2016

Happening from March 12 to 19 is Singapore Cocktail Week 2016 – Asia’s largest cocktail festival. We gave you the lowdown on its first installation last year, with 150 cocktails for your pick across 30 cocktail bars. This year, Singapore Cocktail Week has upped the ante with 300 cocktails for your indulgence, and 200 cocktail-themed events across 60 bars.

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Participating in Singapore Cocktail Week 2016 is Catalunya Bar, presenting “Spain in A Day”, with a selection of five cocktails that will bring you on an experiential journey through Spain. We share our top picks with you.

Café Con Leche ($14) at Catalunya

Catalunya Bar Singapore Cocktail Week 2016 Cocktails - Cafe Con Leche - Review by Gourmet Adventures

For those who need a daily dose of caffeine, order the Café Con Leche, a concoction of espresso and vanilla liqueur specially concocted for Singapore Cocktail Week. Smooth and sweet with a kick of caffeine, Café Con Leche will satisfy all coffee lovers.

Catalan National Day ($14) at Catalunya

Catalunya Bar Singapore Cocktail Week 2016 Cocktails - Catalan National Day - Review by Gourmet Adventures

Another highlight on Catalunya’s Singapore Cocktail Week’s menu is the Catalan National Day, a two-tier cocktail distinctly separated into colors of red and yellow. Concocted with tequila, hazelnut liqueur, grapefruit juice and orange juice, the Catalan National Day is not only instagram-worthy but packs a punch as well.

La Boqueria Market ($14) at Catalunya

Last but certainly not least, how can we not have Sangria on this experiential journey through Spain? Named after the famous La Boqueria Market in Barcelona, the Sangria is deceptively harmless and easy to drink. Fruity and refreshing, this is one cocktail we could (and would) drink all night long.

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Catalunya, The Fullerton Pavilion, 82 Collyer Quay, 6534-0886. Open daily noon-2am.


Gourmet Adventures’ News Bites
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■ Global Korean charcoal barbecue concept restaurant Seorae Galmaegi has finally reached our shores, featuring its signature galmaegisal (pork skirt meat) using the art of Korean barbecue and ‘circle grilling’. Premium pork and beef cuts will also be available, alongside traditional jigae (Korean stew) and bingsu (Korean shaved ice dessert).

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