Tokyo’s Number One Chicken Ramen, Menya Takeichi now at Suntec City

Say “chicken ramen” and Tokyo dwellers will immediately think Menya Takeichi. With over 35,000 ramen shops in Japan, Menya Takeichi has emerged cream of the crop as the capital’s number one chicken ramen franchise.

Save those plane tickets though – you can now get a hit of this famed chicken ramen in Singapore. Hours of simmering fresh chicken and chicken feet gives the chicken paitan broth a creamy, robust flavor alongside collagen benefits to keep your skin supple and glowing for close-ups. Beneath lightly seared slices of chicken fillet lie al dente strands of noodles, crunchy bamboo shoots, and nori seaweed that manoeuvres seamlessly with each spoonful of soup.

The special ramen ($15.50) is loaded with a satisfying sodium boost, while the special rich shoyu ramen ($16.50) tilted the scales with a sweeter stock.

Special ramen ($15.50) at Menya Takeichi

 Menya Takeichi - Special Ramen - Review by Gourmet Adventures

What threw us off was the special rich spicy ramen ($17.50) – chili sears through your tongue and down your throat, taking spiciness to a whole new level. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

Special rich spicy ramen ($17.50) at Menya Takeichi

Menya Takeichi - Special Rich Spicy Ramen - Review by Gourmet Adventures

Cool tip: each table comes with a jug of clear soup peppered with bonito flakes, allowing you to adjust the flavor of soup to your preference. Tamper it down if you can’t take the heat.

As always, it’s hard to go wrong with mentaiko. Or potato, for that matter. Who doesn’t love a good potato salad (complete with diced carrots and bits of potato skin for texture)? Menya Takeichi’s potato salad ($7) with nikumiso and mentaiko is both tangy and savory, consisting of mentaiko and a soft-boiled egg atop tender marinated minced meat. Each plate is also lightly garnished with chili powder for an unobtrusive hint of spice to the otherwise homely mix.

Potato salad ($7) at Menya Takeichi

Menya Takeichi - Potato Salad - Review by Gourmet Adventures

Besides having the chicken bathed in ramen broth, you can also opt for the fried chicken with tartar sauce ($8), delectably crispy with satisfying chunks of hard boiled egg and carrots seated atop, lush greens to balance its unctuousness. Dig in!

Fried chicken with tartar sauce ($8) at Menya Takeichi

Menya Takeichi - Fried chicken with tartar sauce - Review by Gourmet Adventures

Photo credit: Ling Tay

Menya Takeichi, 3 Temasek Blvd., #03-313 Suntec City Mall, 6235-3386. Open daily 11:30am-3pm (last order 2:30pm); 5:30pm-10:30pm (last order 10pm).

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