Weekend Brunch at Bochinche Is A Hearty Affair

No new kid on the block, Bochinche has been a household name for brunch since its establishment, its provoleta with almonds and honey ($17) – a pan of glorious cheese, wit and crunch; honey as a contour, not a dominant note, a stage more melt than pull – a classic staple that simply must be had with each visit.


Bochinche Weekend Brunch - Review by Gourmet Adventures

Provoleta with almonds and honey ($17) at Bochinche

Bochinche Weekend Brunch - Provoleta Cheese, Almonds, Honey - Review by Gourmet Adventures

To begin, small plates should suffice: a simple watermelon salad ($14) is flanked with light mozzarella cream suffused with vanilla, fringed with tomato granita and pumpkin seeds, a varying flurry of textures that whet the appetite for what’s to come.

Watermelon salad ($14) at Bochinche

Bochinche Weekend Brunch - Watermelon Salad - Review by Gourmet Adventures

Then there is crab and humita croquettes ($15 for three) – chunks of crab and humita, breaded and deep fried to a crisp golden ball, served alongside salsa criolla of mild spice, pickled with sweetness and tang. It is no earth-shattering recipe, but it is simple fare executed with such finesse we can’t help craving for more.

Crab and humita croquettes ($15 for three) at Bochinche

Bochinche Weekend Brunch - Crab & Humita Croquettes - Review by Gourmet Adventures

For brunch, there is a minimalist dish of faina and fried eggs ($22), a South African chickpea flour pancake served with crushed avocado chunks that resemble guacamole, sans fresh coriander and parsley cress, richly glossed with olive oil and aji olido crème fraiche. It is the unconventional equivalent of avocado toast, just as delicious, maybe even more so.

Faina and fried eggs, crushed avocado ($22) at Bochinche

Bochinche Weekend Brunch - Faina & Fried Eggs - Review by Gourmet Adventures

In a neighboring plate, a hearty ragout of portobello mushroom and potato ($25) is deeply steeped in flavor, a thick slice of sourdough toast beneath soaks up its sweetness, two beautifully poached eggs and sliced iberico (aged 30 months) crowning the dish.

Portobello mushroom and potato ragout ($25) at Bochinche

Bochinche Weekend Brunch - Mushroom Ragout, Sourdough Toast - Review by Gourmet Adventures

Taking as much pride in their meats as do their burgers, we daresay Bochinche’s chimichurro steak burger ($29) is one of the most flavorful we’ve had, a thick juicy slab of beef nurtured between sundried tomato, provolone cheese, crispy bacon, caramelized onions and pickles, and a perfectly runny sunny side up egg lurking within a brioche bun.

Chimichurri steak burger ($29)

Bochinche Weekend Brunch - Bochinche Best Burger & Fat Chips - Review by Gourmet Adventures

To end, we must insist on the brioche French toast ($20). Don’t bother counting the calories – you’ve already come this far. The French toast is an amalgamation of carefully, and perfectly pan-fried brioche, thickly fluffed in all its buttery goodness, slabs of house-cooked ham, its juices leaking from within; a scoop of bacon ice cream raved the pinnacle of the dessert. It is quite simply, divine.

Brioche French toast with bacon ice cream ($20)

Bochinche Weekend Brunch - Brioche French Toast, Bacon Ice Cream - Review by Gourmet Adventures

Bochinche, #02-01, 22 Martin Rd., 6235-4990. Brunch menu is available Sat-Sun 11am-4:30pm.

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