Japan’s Largest Sundubu Restaurant Chain, Tokyo Sundubu, Opens in Singapore

Who doesn’t love a comforting bowl of piping hot stew? Especially when it’s served with generously large slabs of handmade soy tofu and your choice of protein (meat or seafood). Oh, and a wobbling blob of what looks like jelly. In retrospect, it is Tokyo Sundubu’s premium collagen, directly imported from Japan, as with most of its ingredients, such as the soy milk used in making its tofu, so as to preserve the authenticity and flavor of their dishes.

Health benefits of sundubu at Tokyo Sundubu

 Tokyo Sundubu - Health Benefits of Sundubu - Review by Gourmet Adventures

Currently spanning across Japan with 35 outlets, Tokyo Sundubu is the largest sundubu (Korean uncurdled tofu) brand name, boasting a good variation of 23 types of the healthy soup, especially popular among the ladies for its beautifying benefits.

We started our meal with the jyagachi chijimi (potato cheese vegetable pancake), their number one best seller in Japan. Pan-fried potatoes coated with a thin layer of cheese that complements without overwhelming, these gratin-like potato slices are accompanied with a spicy mayo dip of mayonnaise, vinegar and chili powder – an underrated appetizer that is surprisingly addictive. There is also options for chicken ($12), oyster ($24), crab ($24) and seafood ($15).

Jyagachi chijimi (potato cheese vegetable pancake; $12) at Tokyo Sundubu

Tokyo Sundubu - Jyagachi Chijimi - Review by Gourmet Adventures

Chicken chijimi (chicken potato vegetable pancake; $12) at Tokyo Sundubu

Tokyo Sundubu - Chicken Chijimi - Review by Gourmet Adventures

Fresh porcelain tofu and five of the fattest, juiciest Japanese oysters define the oyster sundubu ($30) a highlight in Tokyo Sundubu’s collagen-rich menu. Tip: Each sundubu contains less than 500 calories, and is enriched with a metabolism-boosting red pepper seasoning tategi (made of Korean soybean paste and soy) that boosts its flavor and adds a fiery kick of spice – something we can have more often than not.

Japanese oyster sundubu ($30) at Tokyo Sundubu

Tokyo Sundubu - Japanese Oyster Sundubu - Review by Gourmet Adventures

Chicken sundubu ($14) at Tokyo Sundubu

Tokyo Sundubu - Chicken Sundubu - Review by Gourmet Adventures

More creamy (and less spicy) is the health and beauty sundubu ($18) that tastes richly of a full-bodied broth from added collagen, alongside a an array of greens and chicken for a satisfying and guilt-free option.

Health and beauty sundubu ($18) at Tokyo Sundubu

Tokyo Sundubu - Heath & Beauty Sundubu - Review by Gourmet Adventures

You’ll always be able to choose your preferred level of spiciness – levels one to three boosted with chili powder; whilst level four uses freshly cut chili. Our recommendation: level three; endearingly coined “Singapore Standard”. We approve.

Tokyo Sundubu, 3 Temasek Blvd., #03-312 Suntec City Mall, 6884-4435. Open daily 11:30am-3pm; 5-10pm.


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