Andong Zzimdak Opens First Southeast Asian Branch Out Of Korea in Singapore

There is no doubt that Singaporeans love Korean food – the Korean fried chicken craze (and endless queues) is evidence in itself. So when specialty jjimdak (steamed or boiled dish) restaurant Andong Zzimdak, with over 65 outlets in South Korea, opened its first outlet in the heart of the city, the Singaporean in us flocked over in a heartbeat.

Korean food culture encourages sharing during meals – read: large portions and small tables so you can cozy up and eat. Similarly, the space at Andong Zzimdak replicates its Korean outposts with tables narrowly placed in intimate rows.

Andong Zzimdak

Andong Zzimdak Raffles City Shopping Centre, Singapore - Jjimdak Korean Restaurant 4 - Review by Gourmet Adventures

Reminiscent of mom’s homemade sesame oil chicken, Andong jjimdak ($45.90; for 2-3 persons) is an impressive serving of braised chicken, bathed in a mildly spicy sweet-savory broth of ganjang (Korean soy) and mulyeot (Korean corn syrup). A bed of translucent sweet potato noodles, thin and chewy that taste of nothing on its own, tastes splendid after taking a tumble into a dark sauce made flavorful by a generous mix of meat, seafood, carrot and potato – we especially loved the caramelized onions. Also available is a boneless option ($49.90; serves 2-3 persons).

Andong jjimdak ($45.90; serves 2-3 persons) at Andong Zzimdak

Andong Zzimdak Jjimdak Korean Restaurant - Andong Jjimdak - Review by Gourmet Adventures

Boneless jjimdak ($495.90; serves 2-3 persons) at Andong Zzimdak

Andong Zzimdak Jjimdak Korean Restaurant - Boneless Jjimdak - Review by Gourmet Adventures

For the adventurous, we recommend the mayak jjimdak ($47.90; serves 2-3 persons). Despite its fiery spice, the broth retains its signature sweetness, which is fantastic over rice. Stew is so popular that the restaurant has dedicated a whopping 10 stoves in the kitchen exclusively for this – cooked once on high heat, cooled (to allow the chicken and noodle to fully absorb its flavors), and cooked once more before serving.

Mayak jjimdak, spicy ($47.90; serves 2-3 persons) at Andong Zzimdak

Andong Zzimdak Jjimdak Korean Restaurant - Mayak Jjimdak - Review by Gourmet Adventures

Best enjoyed in small portions (we believe in marginal utility), the chicken karaage ($9.90) is accompanied by a zesty lemon-mayonnaise dip, fried till perfectly crisp, mildly salted, its interior; tender and juicy. Other traditional sides include mandu (dumplings; 7.90), haemul pajeon (mini seafood pancake; $9.90) and spicy tteokbokki ($9.90; spicy rice cake).

Chicken karaage ($9.90) at Andong Zzimdak

Andong Zzimdak Jjimdak Korean Restaurant - Chicken Karaage - Review by Gourmet Adventures

Mini seafood pancake ($9.90) at Andong Zzimdak

Andong Zzimdak Jjimdak Korean Restaurant - Mini Seafood Pancake - Review by Gourmet Adventures

Fully immerse yourself in the Korean culture and wash it down with a bottle of soju, or makgeolli (Korean rice wine) should you prefer. If you’re feeling up to it, do it the Korean way – with a soju bomb.

Soju bomb (soju; $19.90, Hite beer; $12.90) at Andong Zzimdak

Andong Zzimdak - Soju Bomb - Review by Gourmet Adventures

How to make a soju bomb:
1. Fill a glass half full with beer
2. Add a shot of soju
3. Thump the filled glass once on the table top to allow the mix to fuse.
4. Bottoms up!

Happy hour at Andong Zzimdak runs on Monday to Thursdays, from 6pm to 9:30pm, where all alcoholic beverages are one-for-one. Geonbae!

Andong Zzimdak Jjimdak Korean Restaurant - Alcoholic Beverages - Review by Gourmet Adventures

Andong Zzimdak, #B1-44F Raffles City Shopping Centre, 252 North Bridge Rd., 6533-3951. Open daily 11:30am-10pm.

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