New Sake Service Sakemaru Delivers Rare & Seasonal Sake To Your Doorstep Each Month

Here comes a chilled bottle of sake, delivered right to our doorstep, rendering us captive to this sweet libation in the comfort of our home. New sake delivery service, Sakemaru, is an online community that offers subscribers rare and seasonal sakes by boutique breweries delivered to your home each month ($50 per month); new subscribers receive a 50 percent discount off their first month.

Online Sake Delivery Service Sakemaru - Sake - Review by Gourmet Adventures

All sakes are selected by certified sake sommeliers Tadashi Okushima, Chief Executive Officer of Japan International Trading Company Limited, and Taichi Abe, Chief Executive Officer of Sisi Limited.

Subscribers can expect to savor seasonal sakes by small breweries such as Mikunihare Shuzo; famous for sake brewed from pristine spring water awarded as one of the “Top 100 Finest Water in Japan”, and the only brewery with its own well of this spring water, Kikuzakari Shuzo; the only brewery to produce Junmai in Iwate, Takai Shuzo; one of the oldest breweries of the Gunma prefecture with over 300 years of history, and Tempoichi Shuzo; where sake brewers work with rice farmers to extract the highest quality of flavor possible.

Sake making

Online Sake Delivery Service Sakemaru - Sake Making - Review by Gourmet Adventures

Online Sake Delivery Service Sakemaru - Sake Making 2 - Review by Gourmet Adventures

Every winter, each of these unpasteurized sakes, rare even in Japan, are then stored in a snow dorm – an ancient Japanese method used to keep perishables in optimum condition, and aged for one year before delivered to customers. This snow dorm sake cellar is completely natural – the snow does not melt throughout the year, and the dorm contains no light or vibration from electricity, while temperatures are kept low (between zero to five degrees Celcius) by natural snow, and humidity, high. This perfect condition allows the sake to sweeten naturally with a milder flavors as opposed to freshly brewed sake.

Snow dorm

Online Sake Delivery Service Sakemaru - Snow Dorm - Review by Gourmet Adventures

The month of April showcased a special junmai by Tempoichi Shuzo, Tokubetsujunmai Hattannishiki Nama Genshu with an SMV (sake meter value) of +2, a delicate brew that is more dry than sweet, with aromas of fresh fruit that is soft and rich to the touch. We particularly enjoyed how its flavor changes, yielding towards a more dominantly sweet profile as it aerates, gently subsiding into refined, mild bittersweet notes that blossom in the mouth. We are definitely looking forward to more of such.

Online Sake Delivery Service Sakemaru - Tempoichi Shuzo, Tokubetsujunmai Hattannishiki Nama Genshu - Review by Gourmet Adventures

For more information, visit Sakemaru.

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