Greg’s Seafood Shack Opens at Grand Park City Hall

GSS has officially sprung a newfound meaning, especially for foodies like us. Shoppaholics have their Great Singapore Sale, and we’ve got Greg’s Seafood Shack. The ever-warm hospitality of Grand Park City Hall has recently open its doors of their latest dining outlet, Greg’s Seafood Shack. Endearingly named after the former Saint Gregory’s Street where it now calls home, the spacious 70-seater boasts both indoor and alfresco dining areas.

As its name suggests, this seafood specialist dishes out an array of the freshest crustaceans, alongside more than 20 types of beers by sister establishment Beer Tavern – we hear they’ve got some pretty killer happy hours. And if that isn’t sweet enough, the hangout is complete with foosball tables. We’re always up for a game of table footie.

Greg’s Seafood Shack by Park Hotel Group

Greg's Seafood Shack by Park Hotel Group - Seafood Shack Group Photo - Review by Gourmet Adventures

Starting off on a high is the salmon confit taco ($10 for three) – tenderly baked salmon atop a bed of tangy, crunchy kimchi; an appetizingly unique culmination of flavors – each fresh, crisp taco is topped with trout roe for a briny burst of flavor that does not go unappreciated. We are told this is one of their best sellers. We can see why.

Salmon confit taco ($10 for three) at Greg’s Seafood Shack

Greg's Seafood Shack by Park Hotel Group - Salmon Confit Taco - Review by Gourmet Adventures

Akin everyone’s much loved Singapore chilli crab – but better, the seafood broil ($28 for 500g; $52 for 1kg) at Greg’s throws in a generous range of shellfish – we’re talking lobster, mussels, clam, shrimp and the like. The seafood here is fresh and springy to the bite – no doubt its what they’re famous for; pairing with flavorful Asian-inspired sauces. We especially love that it comes with bread – perfect for soaking up every bit of sauce… Trust us, you will.

Seafood broil with kimchi broth ($28 for 500g; $52 for 1kg) at Greg’s Seafood Shack

Greg's Seafood Shack by Park Hotel Group - Seafood 1kg bag with Kimchi Broth - Review by Gourmet Adventures

Oyster lovers, do not pass up on the oyster fritters ($15). We repeat, do not. The breaded exterior is addictively crisp, its interior; sweet and juicy. It seems Greg has got it down pat, perfecting the art of panko-crusted oysters. Accompanied by a house-made guacamole dip, these babies are best enjoyed with a bottle of ginger beer (or two) on the side.

Oyster fritters ($15) at Greg’s Seafood Shack

Greg's Seafood Shack by Park Hotel Group - Oyster Fritters - Review by Gourmet Adventures

People say looks don’t matter. ‘Fraid not hon. In today’s Instagram-loving world, looks do matter. Thankfully, the flower pot ($18) at Greg’s Seafood Shack ain’t just a looker with that adorable mini dark chocolate bowl, raspberry sorbet blend, oreo “soil”, whipped cream, and assortment of fresh berries, marshmallows, and edible flowers. It has proved itself worthy of praise, taste-wise – the sour acidity of raspberry combined with semi-sweet dark chocolate has our nod of approval.

Flower pot ($18) at Greg’s Seafood Shack

Greg's Seafood Shack by Park Hotel Group - Flower Pot - Review by Gourmet Adventures

Greg’s Seafood Shack, 10 Coleman St., 6432-5566. Open Mon-Sat noon-2:30pm, 6pm-10:30pm.


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