A Brand New Froth at Ascott Raffles Place Singapore

Previously located at BIG Hotel, Froth Cafe has rebranded itself as a casual fine dining restaurant. The newly revamped Froth is now nestled in Ascott Raffles Place Singapore and serves up popular items from Froth Cafe as well as exciting new creations of Chef Derrick Ow.

Froth, Ascott Raffles Place


These exciting new creations include the Hot and cold foie gras ($23.90) – which sounds like a dream for foie gras lovers. The hot section consisted of a chunky piece of pan-seared foie gras perched on a slice of toasted butter brioche – a classic dish that hits the spot. Unfortunately, the cold foie gras did not measure up. Served chilled with a liquid centre of apple and kiwi puree, the cold foie gras was overshadowed by the acidity of its counterpart. Perhaps more time is needed for improvement – its concept drives potential to be a signature at Froth. Nevertheless, it is worth trying, and a steal for its price.

Hot and cold foie gras at Froth, Ascott Raffles Place


Another brainchild of Chef Derrick is the lobster jelly ($22.90). Be sure to have your cameras ready for this dish, as it is beautiful plating warrants an Instagram shot. Imagine chilled lobster chunks encased in delicate tomato jelly, garnished with cherry tomatoes, edible flowers, wasabi and ginger powder – indeed a feast for the eyes. While the lobster jelly was refreshing, the ginger powder and edible flowers left a bitter aftertaste on the palate.

Lobster jelly at Froth, Ascott Raffles Place


A classic from its BIG Hotel days is the seafood tom yum risotto ($29.90) and sio bak aglio (roast meat aglio; $25.90). Served with grilled tiger prawns, flower clams and squid, the seafood tom yum risotto is perfect for seafood lovers whereas the sio bak aglio will satisfy cravings of meat lovers with its juicy and crispy sio bak.

Seafood tom yum risotto at Froth, Ascott Raffles Place


With its array of eclectic fusion dishes, Froth guarantees a fun and unexpected experience. If you’re an adventurous diner, this is your place.

Froth, 2/F Ascott Raffles Place Singapore, 2 Finlayson Green, 6336-1228. Open daily 7am-10pm.


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