Halloween at Shibuya: What to Expect at Tokyo’s Largest Costume Street Party

In some countries, Halloween may just be another day, but not in Tokyo, it isn’t. It is possibly more widely celebrated than Christmas in The Big Apple.

In a city where コスプレ (cosplay) and dress-up is widely embraced, the spooky celebration begins months prior, with Halloween-themed food, cocktails, utensils and cutlery, products, gifts… even furniture (we kid you not). In some districts, festival celebrations begin in September, running throughout the month of October – it’s basically Halloween on steroids. It’s not uncommon to find tourists planning their holidays to Tokyo around Halloween.

If you’re planning to head down tonight to join in the festivities, wear comfortable shoes and travel light. Tip: don’t be as a dick – pun intended. But seriously, don’t. Obscene costumes will be requested to be removed by patrolling officers.

So here’s a look at what went down at Shibuya this October 29.

Shibuya Halloween 2016


A nurse and Little Red Riding Hood back from the dead


Welcome to the dark side


A “dick” being led away by the police


Street party dance-off in the middle of Shibuya


The Walking Dead


Operation gone wrong



Happy Halloween



Shibuya Crossing, Nearest Station: Shibuya.


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