Indulge at Park – Grand Park City Hall Nostalgic (Lunar) New Year

When we think of the good old days, we tend to reminisce about a period in our lives where we are happy and food is usually part of this great memory. This Lunar New Year, Indulge at Park, located in Grand Park City Hall, has a buffet spread that is a throwback to food we use to enjoy and is aptly titled “Yesterday Once More”.  We enter Indulge at Park and are greeted with some of the more notable inclusions to the array of food on offer. Chef Eric Ong has done a fine job in bringing up the classics that will evoke memories of food we liked that were done similar to the yesteryears.

New Year delicacies at Grand Park City Hall


Braised mustard vegetable with crab meat and conpoy at Grand Park City Hall


We start with the classic crispy prawn fritters which are coated with a nice crispy batter that is perfection. With just the right amount of batter coating, the freshness of the prawn is not overshadowed by the batter. The chili sauce accompanied gives a nice tangy edge to the delicious crustacean.

Classic crispy prawn fritters at Grand Park City Hall


The braised grouper in claypot has a variety of ingredients that make it delectable. Grouper is simmered with roasted pork, cabbage, mushrooms and Chinese peas that makes for an amalgamation of flavors. The variation of vegetables ensure that there is good textural crunch, making this dish a delight to eat.

Braised grouper at Grand Park City Hall


Braised duck with sea cucumber and black mushroom at Grand Park City Hall


Another dish we enjoyed was the tender poached chicken – a combination of boneless Hainanese-style chicken and ham. While most poached chicken emerge dry and bland, this was rich and flavorful, complemented with crunchy baby kai lan (Chinese broccoli).

Tender poached chicken with ham at Grand Park City Hall


Of the desserts we tried, the sweet black sesame with pearl powder gets our vote. We take appreciation in its richness and robust notes of black sesame.

What better time to reminisce the good ol’ golden days (as our folks would have it) than this Lunar New Year at Indulge at Park?

Indulge at Park, 1/F Grand Park City Hall, 10 Coleman St., 6432-5888. Jan 1-Feb 11 (excluding Jan 27-29), $55 for lunch (noon-2:30pm); $70 for dinner (6:30-10:30pm). Jan 27-29, $68 for lunch (noon-2:30pm); $88 for dinner (6:30-10:30pm).



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