All-day Brunch Now Available at Costa269

As if their handcrafted coffees aren’t already drawing in waves of caffeine lovers, Costa Coffee’s latest flagship store now comes with a spanking hot kitchen rolling out all-day brunch staples.


Costa269 by Costa Coffee


Costa269 by Costa Coffee

But first, coffee. Coffee lovers, we reckon you’d love the flat white ($6.20). Costa’s baristas are professionally trained and dedicated to serving only the best brews, so you’ll definitely taste the difference. We hear the mark of great coffee art is making sure it stays intact up till your last sip, and Costa’s didn’t disappoint.


Flat white ($6.20) at Costa269

Adding on to the range of freshly ground coffee by London Roastery, Costa269 ups the ante for cafes with a new brunch menu creation – the croffle. A mouthwatering cross between a croissant and waffle, the croffle is satisfyingly crisp on the outside with a chewy, rich and buttery center. Each croffle is made to order, using dough imported directly from France.

Meet The Great Croffle Fry-up ($17). A freshly baked croffle is topped with a clean sunny side-up egg, lightly seasoned with a pinch of pepper and scallions, paired with juicy sauteed mushrooms and a seared beef sausage made from ground beef, tomatoes, and crunchy onions. Heads up: be sure to save some space for this, it’ll be worth your while.


The Great Croffle Fry-up ($17) at Costa269

For the sweet tooth, there’s an option for ice cream accompanied by fresh, plump blueberries and strawberries drizzled in maple syrup. It’s no wonder this is a crowd favorite – its crisp exterior and flaky, airy pockets surprisingly manages to maintain its crunch despite being doused in maple syrup. Choose between salted caramel, chocolate, or vanilla ice cream, and pair this with a cup of their premium selection Gryphon tea, exclusively at the flagship outlet.


Very Berry Croffle ($11) at Costa269

Obviously, no brunch is complete without poached eggs… Cue: avocado toast. A dollap of sour cream and a squeeze of lemon is all it needs. So simple yet so delicious, Costa269’s avocado toast ($11) sure hits the spot.


Avocado toast ($11)

Well loved for its homely, non-commercialized vibe, it’s not uncommon to see guests cozying up at Costa Coffee, working on their laptops. As opposed to abhorring such behavior, Costa embraces the community spirit and encourages a relaxing, conducive environment for one and all to enjoy. As we’re seated across the barista right now, basking in their aromatic blends for the past hour (or so), we have to say, damn right.

Costa269, 269 Holland Ave., 6801-4538. Open daily 7am – 11pm.

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